Upper School

Comprising the Middle School (grades 7–8) and the High School (grades 9–12 and postgraduates), Ross Upper School fosters global citizenry and appreciation and respect for cultures at large.

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Educating the whole child for the whole world—mind, spirit, and body.


Ross Upper School offers a wealth of venues for students to acquire skills and knowledge, from dance studios and performance spaces, to metal and wood shops, to academic classrooms filled with arts and artifacts, to athletic fields, to science labs, to a variety of art, photography, and audiovisual studios.

Ross students experience growth in the classroom and as members of the community under the Ross mission of educating the whole child for the whole world—mind, spirit, and body.

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The Ross Spiral Curriculum is based on world cultural history and the evolution of consciousness. The curriculum weaves knowledge in an integrated manner, incorporating skills and content in all disciplines into a rich tapestry of knowledge.

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College Counseling

Counselors work with students and their parents to define a unique academic plan in preparation for students’ postsecondary education.

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Ross School Tennis Academy offers national and international junior players a dynamic program combining a global curriculum with the highest level of competitive tennis training.

Ross Aviation Academy provides students with a unique opportunity to combine Ross School’s integrated curriculum with an in-depth flight training program.

The Ross STEAM Innovation Certification Program allows advanced students passionate about science, math, engineering, media, and technology to pursue a rigorous curricular path under the guidance of mentors.


Senior Projects

In their final year at Ross, students complete a Senior Project, a culminating learning experience in which they pursue an individual passion. The end result is a multidimensional representation of students’ learning, their capacity to apply new skills, and their ability to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Replica of Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machine Constructed by Thomas Impiglia for His Ross School Senior Project.jpg

Wellness and athletics

All students participate in wellness activities, including a variety of interscholastic athletic teams as well as elective classes in both Eastern and Western practices.

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With over 100 yearlong and single-term elective courses, as well as the option to design independent study courses, students in grades 9–12 have many opportunities to pursue their individual interests.

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